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Hey Guys,


The New Year spirit always gets me in this extremely cozy and cuddly mood. This is exactly what I felt when I saw this skiing outwear. I might not look like a skier but my inner soul does. Awwww, well this is the kind of feeling I had when I first saw this transparent outwear with cap, and I had the same feeling over again when I unwrapped it. I was happy as a kid in a candy store with my new outwear.


Last weekend I went out – yes again – with some friends and it got pretty late, or should I say early? Anyway what I’m trying to say is, everyone was jealous of my new transparent outwear when we were walking down the streets from the club to our home. Yes, we were walking home because we were too drunk – too drunk to drive, not to function obviously – I would be jealous too. Everyone knows the struggle during winter, you want to keep warm but still look fashionable. Well, success guaranteed with this, plus I think you might score a date sooner if you look like a real skier you see? 😉


Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


Written by

Photography by Min Lv with iPhone 7 Plus



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